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Asbestos board production line
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Asbestos tile production line
  Fiber cement bowa were and fiber board and silicate calcium board is the most popular building materials, production and development has many years of history, is the market share of high light roofing material. It has fire, moisture, corrosion, heat preservation and heat, cold, sound insulation, insulation and other properties, covering the formation of flat, close, can be pinned, heat insulation, the use of life in more than 30 years.
  The products are made of ordinary portland cement, asbestos fiber, non alkali softened glass fiber, and other raw materials. Its operation is simple, labor intensity is low, raw material is rich, the rural surplus labor force and the laid-off worker can, the product profit is high, the benefit is good.
  My company the latest technology at home and abroad fiber cement corrugated production for reference, according to the requirements of the relevant departments of the state, the design and production of fiber cement tile production line according to the production capacity, degree of Automation Division for corrugated sheet and small wave tile, and custom all over the world countries in a variety of types of asbestos tile equipment, according to the user's money to design the smallest or largest. The machine is reasonable in design, advanced in technology, safe and reliable, and sold at home and abroad. Is the ideal fiber cement corrugated sheet production line.
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