XCMG has always kept its leading position in Chinese construction machinery industry for 31 years
  • 2210

    700 units of XCMG mining equipment at a mining area in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia

  • 1910

    Stunningly! XCMG new cranes come together to perform a light show!

  • 1910

    Move With the Wind! The Amazing Debut of the “King of Wind Power Lifting” Over 160 Meters!

  • 1910

    Ten Years on, the 3rd “World’s Top Crane” Delivered!

  • 3009

    Embracing changing times and creating a legend for China's equipment manufacturing industry

  • 1509

    XCMG High-End Customized GR2605 Grader Fleet Delivered to Rio Tinto Group

  • 2808

    XCMG has become a warm and loving world-class enterprise that has stuck to its original intentions

  • 2508

    Moment of Glory! The 1,000 th XCMG Mining Truck XDM80 rolled off factory Line

  • 2408

    XCMG Golden Products Worth More than Ten Million Yuan Were Delivered to Pakistan to Participate in the Construction of the Local "Three Gorges Project"!

  • 2408

    Annual operating time high up to 6,000 hours! Powerful strength of XCMG wheel bulldozer fully demonstrated in Siberia!

  • 0608

    XCMG embraces the entrepreneurial spirit to build a world-class enterprise

  • 2107

    200 Million Yuan in Sales!XCMG Global Live Broadcast reached a new high along “The Belt and Road”!

  • 1407

    Tapping into the high-end market! XCMG’s Customized “Blue Armor” Debut in Australia

  • 0607

    Amid Covid-19, XCMG’s Full Line of Crane Equipment Marches into Europe!

  • 2206

    Over 100 units of XCMG Machinery Shipped to North America!

  • 1606

    Surprises Coming Your Way! Welcome to XCMG’s 2nd Live Stream (Central Asia Special Edition)!

  • 0806

    XCMG Rotary Drilling Rigs Participate in another Millennium Project

  • 0806

    XCMG Large-tonnage Road Roller is Amazing!

      • No.1 among Chinese construction machinery industry
      • No.4 among world construction machinery industry
      • No.2 among Top 100 enterprises in Chinese machinery industry