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硅酸钙板生产线Calcium silicate board production line

    Fiber reinforced calcium silicate board ( hereinafter referred to as calcium silicate board), recommended by the State Economic and Trade Commission is not only the new wall materials, but also the recent building material project development priorities. Calcium silicate board is pollution-free, environmentally friendly" green building materials"
  Calcium silicate board has characteristics of large size (1220 x2440mm ) high strength, fireproof, moistureproof, antifreeze, durable without change, good processing ( such as: sawing, punching, drilling, and other mechanical processing ) and caking. Its outstanding performance is far beyond gypsum board, wood board and magnesium oxychloride fireproof board and has been widely accepted., especially preferred by building designers as new building materials. They are widely used as the building wall panels, sound-absorbing panels, ceiling panels as well as cellar furnace insulation panels, industry also began to use them.
  In recent years, with the continuous development of domestic and foreign building materials industry, upgrading, our company has been put on the production line at home and abroad more than calcium silicate board production line, and with the fastest time, the best quality, is each production line can be normal production.
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